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Let's Talk About Standard Pomade!

Let's Talk About Standard Pomade!

Hey there, welcome back! The last time we chatted, we gave a bit more information about our fan-favorite, Texture Powder and how it can be used to revitalize hair and create some pretty amazing looks. Now it's time to dive into another fan-favorite, our Standard Pomade!

Giving your hair an all-day hold, our Standard Pomade is the ideal styling product to create classic pompadours or slick backs. Completely water-soluble, it rinses out of hair easily with water. Long story short, this is THE product to create those Instagram looks you crave! This week, we had the opportunity to interview artist and insanely talented stylist, John Velasco (@vls.tx).  

So, let's talk Standard Pomade!

AMBERE: What's your favorite style to create with our Standard Pomade?

JOHN: Pomp's for sure. Hands down!

Ambere: What made O'Douds stand out to you?
John: Full-disclosure, it being an all natural product along with Houston roots was an automatic hit for me!

Ambere: Do you pair Standard Pomade with any other product for certain looks?
John: No, not typically.

Ambere: What's your go-to technique in applying Standard Pomade?
John: A little dampness helps the product ease its way in! Comb into desired style after a towel dry, apply product, re-comb! This is for the on-the-go or "gotta-go" guy.

Ambere: What trends are you currently into?
John: Everyone is currently doing something really different with their style. But with it being summer time I'm enjoying the much shorter looks with effortless textured tops.

Ambere: What do you love about your job?
John: For me it's getting the chance to help people feel like a million bucks. There isn't many things like a good hair day to make it all worthwhile!


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