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Thanksgiving Raffle

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We are proud that all of our products are handcrafted in our Brooklyn shop, but the reality is that most of the goods that Americans buy are made overseas. Many of the workers that make these goods face exploitation, including dangerous working conditions and low wages. The fact that we don’t see and will never meet these workers does not mean that they are any less real. This Thanksgiving, we want to contribute to a group that is working to improve the conditions of workers around the world. Clean Clothes Campaign has been fighting this battle since 1989 and partners with over 200 organizations and unions worldwide that are pushing for living wages, women’s rights, consumer advocacy, and poverty reduction. 

To raise money for the Clean Clothes Campaign, we are running a raffle from Friday, November 27 until 11:59 p.m. ET on Monday, November 30. Each $5 raffle entry will be donated to the Clean Clothes Campaign. One randomly selected raffle winner will win the ultimate O’Douds bundle. 

To enter the raffle, click here and make a donation.

To find out more about Clean Clothes Campaign: cleanclothes.org.

To learn more about the working conditions of garment workers worldwide: truecostmovie.com.