Reforma Group

November 23, 2016

Reforma Group

It's been a long time coming, but we are proud to officially announce our new partnership with Reforma Group

This partnership may seem like a strange announcement; as far as we know, no other cosmetic brand publicly advertises their cosmetic lab. Cosmetic labs are usually hidden behind the scenes so that customers don't know that they even exist. However, if you've been around us for any length of time, hopefully you know that that's not how we operate. O'Douds is dedicated to increasing our quality, ethics, and transparency through every area of our business, and this is no exception. Below we hope to explain what this means for O'Douds, what it doesn't mean, and answer any questions and concerns you may have. 

Reforma Group

Reforma Group is a contract manufacturer for cosmetics. Virtually all cosmetics are made through contract manufacturers like Reforma. The reason is that for small, medium, and even large brands, it is simply not cost effective to invest hundreds of thousands of dollars into a certified manufacturing facility. Individual brands do not sell the quantities necessary to justify such a facility. There are many things we generally dislike about this model, which is why we did not start this way, and why we are only doing it when absolutely necessary. We'll explain more about this below. However, Reforma is one the most upstanding, honest, and hard working cosmetic labs around. In a world full of huge corporations concerned only with profits, Reforma is a breath of fresh air. We have full faith that Reforma will respect and maintain all of our core values, and that's not something that can be said of everyone. It is run by genuinely great people that we are truly honored to work with.

For more information about Reforma Group, visit their website.

Why are contract manufacturers necessary?

The conditions under which cosmetics are produced are important for a number of reasons; the most important reason is that cosmetic ingredients could potentially be grounds for bacteria growth. Bacteria can grow inside of any products that contain water. This includes products like shampoo, shave cream, and aftershave, but does not include products like beard oil, traditional pomade, and deodorant. To stop bacteria from growing, there are several steps that must be taken. Most important is the use of a preservative. However, even when using preservatives it is possible for a product to grow bacteria. The only way to ensure with certainty that a product does not contain bacteria is to create the product in a sterile and certified facility with extensive stability testing. However, creating and maintaining a facility that meets these standards is far out of the reach of even very large cosmetic companies. This is why it is necessary to have contract manufacturers like Reforma Group that have sterilized facilitates and produce products for many different cosmetic brands. 

Basically, if you want to make products that contain water, which we do, they need to be made on a relatively large scale in a certified facility. For many of you that value small batch processes and made-by-hand products, this may be alarming. Your concerns are not only valid, they are often true. Many cosmetic labs sacrifice quality and ingenuity for efficiency and profit. 

By choosing to partner with Reforma Group, however, we are confident that we have found a solution that sacrifices none of our values or ethos and increases the quality of our products. 

What will happen to the quality?

As we mentioned before, the idea that increasing batch sizes and production can compromise quality is completely valid. We have seen brands grow, and as they have grown their products have become worse and worse. This happens because either the company or the manufacturer neglects quality for the sake of efficiency or profit. For example, often times products are created in very stereotypical models, with only minor tweaks separating them. Once you notice this, you may even find similar products from separate brands that feel almost identical, because most likely, they are. 

Our promise is that O'Douds will never become one of those companies, and that Reforma Group is not one of those labs. On the contrary, Reforma has equipment and capabilities that O'Douds has only dreamed of. With their specialties, we have actually been able to work with ingredients and processes that were previously out of our reach. Instead of sacrificing quality, we are improving it. 

Will O'Douds still create the recipes?

Yes! We are not buying standard recipes from Reforma and tweaking them. We are building products from the ground up, just like we always have. We are experimenting with unique ingredients and unique processes to create products that are just as groundbreaking as what we've done in the past. You won't find a replica O'Douds sitting on a shelf somewhere, unless of course people start copying us. But you know what they say: Imitation is the highest form of flattery. 

Does this mean there are new products on the way?

Absolutely. New hair products (finally!!) along with several other ideas we are working on.

Are you still making Water Based Pomade?

Yes. This product is the exception to the rule for us. Though our water based pomade clearly contains water, the type of emulsion is very unique and naturally protects itself from bacteria growth. We do still use a preservative on this product to be 100% safe. If you have any specific questions about this, please feel free to contact us.


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