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Free Shipping on orders over $30 USD

Blue Summer '23


Blue Summer, a blissful reverie of days by the pool,
Where time stood still, and worries were cool.
Basking in the moment, soaking up the sun's embrace,
Embracing the freedom, with each splash and race.

The azure water, a mirror of the sky so clear,
Reflecting the beauty of the ocean's atmosphere.
We laughed and we played, in the shimmering blue,
Creating memories, as the summer days flew.
The small red marks, imprinted upon our skin,
A testament to adventures, where we'd dive and swim.
They whispered stories of daring jumps and playful dives,
Echoing the joy of being fully alive.

The summer heat embraced us in its warm embrace,
As we reveled in the season's sweet, sunny grace.

No worries or cares, just laughter and glee,
In that magical time, when we were truly free.

Blue Summer, an ode to those cherished days,
Where time seemed endless in a blissful haze.

Memories woven in the tapestry of our hearts,
Etching forever, the essence of summer's vibrant start.

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