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Free Shipping on U.S. orders over $30

Say Hello to an old friend: Bay + Blood Orange Beardcare

Introducing Our Newest Scent: Bay + Blood Orange

🍊 From the Depths of the Bay to the Freshness of Blood Orange

Welcome to the next chapter of our esteemed Beard Line. We've taken the signature aroma from our fan-favorite Standard Pomade and infused it into our premium range of Beard Oil, Beard Balm, and Mustache Wax. It's time for your beard to experience the intoxicating blend of Bay and Blood Orange.

Why Bay + Blood Orange?

  • Intriguing Balance: Dive into the world of duality where the depth of Bay meets the zestiness of Blood Orange. The unique combination offers a scent that's both rich and refreshing.

  • A Scent Journey: Revel in the sweet, light notes that transport you to an orchard where the fresh scent of scratched orange peel fills the air. Paired with the underlying earthy undertones of Bay, this fragrance is a sensory delight.

  • Elevate Your Beard Game: With every application, not only do you get superior grooming benefits, but also a scent that’s a clear standout. Make a statement wherever you go.

Our new scent is more than just an aroma; it's an experience. Curated with passion and precision, it's a testament to our commitment to offering nothing but the best for our customers.

Beard Oil: Keep your beard hydrated and soft, ensuring every strand is enriched with the allure of Bay + Blood Orange.

Beard Balm: Style and nourish. Let the subtle notes of this scent elevate your beard's appearance while maintaining its health.

Mustache Wax: Precision meets aroma. Craft your mustache to perfection with the strength of our wax and the freshness of our new fragrance.


Every application, every ingredient, every choice we make is grounded in sensibility and nature. 

Bay + Blood Orange - a scent that defines your sensibility.

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