Cologne Samples

Cologne samples include one sample of each O'Douds cologne: Tobacco Rum and Heritage.

Size per sample: 1/2 dram

Ingredients: Organic Cane Alcohol and Therapeutic-Grade Essential Oils and Absolutes

Tobacco Rum
Our Tobacco Rum cologne is exactly what it sounds like, and yet you can't find anything else like it. Crafted with the most exquisite tobacco absolute, this scent is rich, dark, sweet, and smoky. So good you may be tempted to take a drink. It feels aged, smooth, mature and yet subtle, just like you.
Notes of: Tobacco, Cedar, Clary Sage, and More.

Our Heritage cologne is everything you want from a classic cologne and more. This scent has rich and crisp notes of citrus coupled with the deep and woody aroma of Sandalwood. It is crisp, musky, masculine, refreshing and smooth. When smelling it, you are reminded of twill, antiques, and adventure. “Heritage” was made as a tribute to quality, and is a reminder that some things are worth remembering.
Notes of: Bergamot, Sandalwood, Neroli, Lemon, Vetiver.



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