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Empire Parfum Bundle

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Fragrances inspired by the city we call home. Experimental and playful, the Empire city is our playground, and this line of fragrances embodies that.

Size: 10ml

Click through the tabs to read more about each fragrance, or checkout the individual listings here:
- Strange Paradise
- Black Oud
- Fleur Mortes
- Tonka

Strange Paradise

Our celebration of fragrance, a truly strange sort of paradise. Meant to offer the notes found on the flesh of a lover: alive, bright, warm, and above all - human. Opening notes of pink peppercorn and grapefruit pass to a deep vetiver, fennel, and cardamom base chord, creating an earthy, flesh-toned finish.

Inspired by a less industrious, and often forgotten area of Manhattan, Murray Hill. This neighborhood embodies the true hustle and bustle of NYC, away from the tourist traps. Take a minute to get lost in the endless corridors, but make sure you stumble onto 28th and Lexington. Here, fragrance is important for different reasons, and you’ll want to arrive with an appetite.

Black Oud

Not for those who'd like to blend in, Black Oud is an experimental scent that's meant to penetrate the skin to work with, and amplify, your personal scent. Strong citrus and herbal top notes of lemongrass and grapefruit fade to a sappy yellow tone, rooted in vetiver, balsam, and of course, oud.

Pure Agarwood, or Oud as many call it, is extravagant, sappy and rich. At first whiff we were immediately reminded of the extravagance and elegance of Manhattan, and more particularly, 5th Ave. Bordering Central Park, 5th Ave. represents the heart of beauty and fashion for NYC, and oftentimes the world. We built Black Oud to embody this same extravagance, compromising nothing for beauty.

Fleur Mortes

Dead Flowers. Flowers are the most delicate and complex fragrances on earth. They change as they age, they transform on your skin, and oftentimes they fade in an instant. Fleur Mortes embodies the beauty of flowers, especially in their death. Deep animalistic notes of black currant bud and amber add a rich complexity to the intoxicatingly delicate notes of jasmine and ylang ylang. 

Inspired by the vibrant punk scene that was born out of the East Village. Fleur Mortes finds life in taking a stroll through Tompkins Square Park, seeing a show, then cramming into a small bar.


Inspired by that feeling of a warm pastries and coffee on a cold day. Notes of tonka, vanilla and coffee swirl into bright notes of jasmine, orange, and lavender. Sweet and childlike, yet sophisticated and complex, Tonka embodies the comfort of a moment that will never be forgotten. 

The cobblestone crossings that press through SoHo are nostalgically picturesque. Grab a coffee and pastry and go window shopping or simply find a bench to take it all in. New York City is alive, changing constantly, and there’s no place where that rings truer than in SoHo.