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Free shipping on U.S. orders over $30 USD
Blue Summer!

Blue Summer!

Summer has arrived and we're back again with Blue Summer! We've re-released our Blue Summer Pomade (details below) and have whipped up a fresh playlist for your 2019 summer shenanigans.



Our blue summer heavy hold pomade is the definitive solution to beating the heat and surviving the summer. This water resistant pomade will be easy to restyle after the pool, lake, or beach. No getting product in your eyes or having your hair ruined just because you got it wet. Swing the hammer, survive the summer.

An anchor of fresh, woody blue cypress is nuanced with summer herbs, fruit and citrus in our limited edition Blue Summer fragrance. 

Size: 4 ounces
Type: Water Resistant
Hold: Heavy Hammer Hold
Scent: Blue Summer
Shine: Med/High
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mike chumley - June 11, 2023

hello! i love o’douds products. i’m currently using the styling treatment and absolutely loving it. what happened to the blue summer line? i’m very interested in trying out new releases from o’douds. please email me back informing me about any new releases!!

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