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Free Shipping on orders over $30 USD
Free Shipping on orders over $30 USD

Blood Winter

Winter has arrived, and so has our limited small batch collection - Blood Winter! This distinctive line of shirts is the perfect counter to our well-known Blue Summer, drawing inspiration from the harsh winters and our deep-rooted connection to the spirit of defying the unconventional.

Revamp your winter style with O'Douds' latest releases: the bold Clay Pomade and nourishing Conditioner Wash (Co Wash). Inspired by the spirit of winter and diverse creative influences within our team, these products redefine grooming essentials. Join us on February 9th, 2024 in Houston for an electrifying live show sponsored by O'Douds, featuring an exclusive heavy metal track curated by Davis Snyder, our Production Lead/HR and O'Douds OG.

Take a listen to their new song:


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