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Listen to : O'douds Radio

Pumpkin Seed Oil Shampoo Sample

$ 7.00

Gently and effectively cleanses and rejuvenates the hair with mild cleansers that are meant to protect your hair, not strip it dry. Leaves the hair strong, rejuvenated, and vibrant. A little goes a long way and a conditioner is not required, though it may benefit your hair type.

Scent: Tea Tree & Grapefruit
Size: 1 oz / 30ML

- Aloe Vera:
 Provides the base of this product and is rich in vitamins and minerals that promote strong and healthy skin.
- Pumpkin Seed Oil: Encourages healthy hair follicles and provides deep nourishment to the hair.
- Coco Betaine: A mild cleanser sourced from coconut oil that cleanses the hair and scalp without damaging, drying, or breaking it.
- Tea Tree: Encourages a balanced, refreshed, happy, and healthy scalp.

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