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Get to Know the Newest Formulations: O'Douds Texture Powder & Beyond

There's always something brewing in the O'Douds lab. This time, we've been perfecting our Texture Powder. It's back, and it's better than ever! Delve into what makes this revamped formulation truly stand out:

Function and Finish

Our newest Texture Powder formulation does wonders for your hair. It not only adds the desired texture, grip, and grit but ensures your hairstyle flows and moves with natural grace. Whether you're trying to achieve a beachy tousled look or just add some oomph to your daily style, this powder has got you covered. And if you're looking for that matte finish to complement your look, the Texture Powder pairs seamlessly with other hair products to elevate your hair game.

Scent-sational Update

We took the beloved Labdanum scent and gave it a zesty twist! Introducing Labdanum and Lime: a vibrant scent profile that packs a punch with brighter, more refreshing citrus notes. Let your hair not only look great but smell fantastic too.

Power-Packed Ingredients

Kaolin Clay: The foundation of our previous Texture Powder, Kaolin Clay is known for imparting a lightweight matte finish to the hair while enhancing texture. Though still a crucial ingredient, we've reduced its concentration to accommodate other power players.

Bentonite Clay: A fabulous addition to our formula, Bentonite Clay adds a distinct gritty texture. Its unique moisture-absorbing properties ensure that the product lasts longer, keeping your hair game strong all day.

Rice Starch: Making its debut in our Texture Powder, Rice Starch acts as a thickener. It not only provides grip but also efficiently absorbs moisture, allowing for swift and effortless styling.

Mix 'n Match with Ease

Wondering if the Texture Powder plays well with others? The answer is a resounding yes! Whether you're aiming to boost volume, enhance grip, add texture, or simply desire a matte touch, this product is versatile enough to complement any other in your grooming arsenal. Pair it up whenever you feel your hair needs that extra bounce or lively touch.


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moalerra - November 29, 2023

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