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Free shipping on U.S. orders over $30 USD




At O’Douds we strive to work with the highest quality ingredients possible. Seems simple enough…. right? Unfortunately an abundance of information and misinformation makes researching ingredients a nightmare, and lots of good ingredients get a bad name for no real reason. In response to this, many companies avoid any conversation about ingredients and will either go to one extreme (avoiding everything) or the other (avoiding nothing).


We’ve decided to do something different. We are confident in our ingredient choices and we want you to be as well. If you head over to our new Ingredients page, you'll find a list of every raw ingredient we use (or we'll start using soon....), as well as a description of where it comes from and why it's used. If you'd like any further information or if you feel that our information is incomplete in any way, you can email us anytime at:
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Christopher Harvey - May 3, 2016

O’Douds waterbased pomade was a game changer for the pomade community. I joined the game about the same time this product entered the market. I have many waterbased products on my shelf from searching and trying to achieve the perfect product for my hair type and style. The jar I find my self returning to is O’Douds waterbased. Be it the old formula or the new, these products are a go to and a standard on my shelf. Saying O’Douds “was” a game changer is now obsolete, O’Douds is the game. For these reasons O’Douds waterbased will always and forever have a place on my shelf and heart.
Well played.

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